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About Zuri Naila.

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Where it all began...

A few months ago back in May during the height of quarantine, my roommate and I had an arts and crafts day to create pieces for the house just as an activity to look forward to while being stuck at home. I quickly remembered how therapeutic painting is and was drawn to paint more. When I have a new idea or passion, I dive in, and with this it was no different. After selling a few paintings, I eventually became more intrigued with the industry and different creative pieces I could make and thus Ascendant was born!

More than an artist. 

A little more about me...I’m originally from Silver Spring, Maryland where I lived through my junior year of college, before deciding to move across the country to Las Vegas, NV at 21. I felt that I needed a change in my life, and was seeking growth, so I chose to take myself out of my comfort zone and thrive on my own in the west coast. Three years later I graduated from UNLV in Psychology, and decided to move back east to Atlanta, GA to seek new professional opportunities. I was able to hit the ground running professionally, and made major strides in my early sales career while obtaining my Masters in HR Management. Eventually, my interest in finance and client management took me to my most recent opportunity as a Business Consultant at a leading financial services company.

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I’ve always known that I didn’t want to work for someone forever, starting multiple businesses has been a vision of mine for years. It was always a matter of what & when. I truly value every experience that I’ve had, and that every failure or success has a presence and influence over where I am today. 

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My inspiration.

Part of what inspires my style of painting is my personal style. I love statement pieces, my closet is literally full of statement pieces. Accent pieces that are bold and bring the outfit together. Prints and textures that are regal. I have an eye for luxury and appreciate glamorous things. 

It's All In The Details.

My personal style is the heartbeat of Ascendant; every piece is designed with the intent to elevate your home or space with an eye-catching aesthetic that accentuates, brightens, and draws you in. My preference is metallics, neutral but shiny colors that can tie in multiple palates. There will be a lot of Golds, silvers, bronze, and champagne within each collection. When it comes to blending colors, I prefer very natural, classic designs like an ombré or marble. It’s just so chic and timeless. Lastly, texture is what defines the brand. I love texture. I love when I can shop with my hands first, eyes second. The collections typically feature 3D pieces, geodes, jagged/irregular edges, mixed media etc. Each collection will have its own personality, colors, influences, references, or seasonal tone to them.

Please join me on my journey of rediscovering my creative side,
and making pieces that elevate your space.